Galloway is a small unincorporated village located just southwest of Columbus and still  in Franklin County. Officially residents of Galloway live in Prairie Township. The land was originally owned by a Revolutionary War veteran, but like many veterans who were given land in Ohio, he sold his claim to others rather than risk life and limb by settling the land. Eventually, the land was purchased by Samuel Galloway and when the train line decided to make tracks through their community, the place was named after Galloway, although ne never lived here either.

The village prospered for many years until the railroads decided to eliminate the community as a stop.

Galloway Station

The town of Galloway grew up around the Columbus, Springfield and Cincinnati Railroad Company that had a station here. That railroad was incorporated in 1869 and began operating in the 1870s. An interurban that connected Columbus with Troy also ran through Galloway but it was a one way trip to Troy.

Galloway Tavern

One of the areas best watering holes is the Galloway Tavern. This is one of those historical buildings that dates back more than a few years and has all the charm you might expect in a bar that used to be a General Store

Darby Dan Farm

Perhaps one of the most notable central Ohio residents, John W. Galbreath, a real estate developer and philanthropist, established a large farm in Galloway known nationally as Darby Dan Farm. The farm was named for Darby Creek which runs through his property and his son Dan Galbreath.  Darby Dan Farm had numerous race horses, two of which won the Kentucky Derby.

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